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Sigma V Bolt Artificial Ground Plane Bull Bar Kit CB Radio 5m Cable with PL-259


Sigma V Bolt Artificial Ground Plane Bull Bar Kit CB Radio 5m Cable with PL-259

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Sigma Artificial Ground Plane Bull Bar / Roll Cage Kit 5m RG-58U & PL-259

An artificial ground plane, allowing you to mount an
aerial where you cannot get a normal metal-to-metal connection for the earth.

The ground plain can be used on boats, vehicles, houses, portacabins,
wheelchairs, bicycles, motorbikes, backpacks and more.

It has
the added advantage of isolating the aerial system from the vehicle, helping to
get rid of some interference (i.e. in modern tractors etc)

About the Bull Bar / Roll Cage mount :

mount allows fixing to a rollcage, bullbar or similar – upto 2.5 inches in

An Electronic Ground
This can be
fitted to a bracket or mirror mount (although too large for fitting to gutter
mounts) and has a standard 3/8” aerial connection on the top, and socket for a
standard CB cable plug on the bottom.

This unit simulates a
connection to ground, so you do not have to worry about your metal to metal
earthing. This will cure any SWR problems which are down to poor earthing, but
if an aerial is in the wrong place, i.e. too close to metal around it, the EGP
will not help.

Also a good way of helping to
reduce interference as it allows the aerial to be completely isolated from the

Ground Plain Specifications 

  • 35 mm Diameter
  • 75 mm High
  • Fitting 3/8 UNF
  • Connection SO-239




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