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RG8X 50 Ohm ‘Mini 8’ Super Low Loss Coaxial 15m Fitted With 2 x PL259


RG8X 50 Ohm ‘Mini 8’ Super Low Loss Coaxial 15m Fitted With 2 x PL259

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Product Description


RG-8X ‘Mini 8’ Low Loss 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable 15m Fitted With 2 PL259 Connectors

15 meter length of low loss RG-8X coaxial cable with fitted high quality gold plated pin
PL259 connector 7mm on each end of the cable.

Please email us if you would prefer us to solder and fit only one connector to make fitting easier in your shack.

A high performance Low Loss Mini 8 super XX co-axial cable, same performance as the larger RG213
but the smaller diameter makes it much easier to work with
Ohms coaxial cable.

Suitable for CB Radio, Ham Radio & Taxi antennas

  • Mini-8 Super XX
  • High quality Low Loss
    co-axial cable
  • Plain copper inner conductor
  • Foam polyethylene dielectric
  • Plain copper outer conductor
  • Low smoke and fume
    polyvinyl-chloride sheath
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • Capacitance 80pF/m
  • Velocity ratio 80%
  • Screening effectiveness
    100-900 Mhz >55
  • AttenuationĀ  :- dB/100m
  • 50Mhz – 7.2
  • 100Mhz – 10.5
  • 400Mhz – 22.2
  • 600Mhz – 27.6
  • 860Mhz – 33.9
  • 1000Mhz – 37.0
  • 2400Mhz – 64.5

Additional Information

Cable Length


Manufacturer warranty

1 year


Does not apply


Does Not Apply


Sigma Euro-Comm

Connector A

PL-259 Male

Connector(s) B

PL-259 Male


Coaxial RG8X

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