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RG8X 50 Ohm ‘Mini ‘8’ Lead 20 metre BNC to N type connectors for Radio Scanners


RG8X 50 Ohm ‘Mini ‘8’ Lead 20 metre BNC to N type connectors for Radio Scanners

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Product Description

RG-8X ‘Mini 8′ Low Loss 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable 20m Fitted With BNC to N’ Type Connectors

Cable BNC-N’ Type 20m, a ready made  lead fitted with plugs and made with  quality Low Loss cable

save you the time and trouble fitting those jolly old N type and BNC
plugs, we offer a range ready made leads.This one is a 20m lead
constructed from good quality co-axial cable, and with the BNC/N Type
plugs fitted. Ideal
for a new scanner installation etc..


  • Cable BNC-N’ Type 20 m
  • Sigma 20 metre ready assembled lead
  • BNC to N type plug (both fitted)
  • High quality low loss co-axial cable
  • Condition brand new


  • Mini-8 Super XX
  • High quality Low Loss
    co-axial cable
  • Plain copper inner conductor
  • Foam polyethylene dielectric
  • Plain copper outer conductor
  • Low smoke and fume
    polyvinyl-chloride sheath
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • Capacitance 80pF/m
  • Velocity ratio 80%
  • Screening effectiveness
    100-900 Mhz >55
  • Attenuation  :- dB/100m
  • 50Mhz – 7.2
  • 100Mhz – 10.5
  • 400Mhz – 22.2
  • 600Mhz – 27.6
  • 860Mhz – 33.9
  • 1000Mhz – 37.0
  • 2400Mhz – 64.5

Additional Information

Connector A

N Male

Connector(s) B

BNC Male


Coaxial RG8X


Sigma Euro-Comm


Does Not Apply

Manufacturer warranty

1 year


Does not apply

Cable Length


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