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Here at SiGMA EURO-COMM LTD we have been a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of CB equipment since 1989. We are an experienced importer of communication equipment and manufacturers of world leading CB antennas. We pride ourselves on being a family run business, based in Birmingham, UK, since 1989.

As a worldwide leading supplier to both Trade and General Public customers, we are proud of our Quality Workmanship and Outstanding Customer Service.

If you are looking to buy a CB Radio, CB Antenna, CB Radio Mount or if you are looking to expand on your existing CB Radio Setup, SiGMA EURO-COMM LTD  are on hand to provide you with the Professional Advice that you need to ensure your requirements are met.

We also manufacture and supply HF Mobile Antennas, HF Vertical Antennas, Amateur Homebase Antennas (Base Station), Mobile Scanner Antennas, Homebase Scanner Antennas (Base Station), G5RV Wire Antennas and Taxi Mobile Antennas. Antennas to meet the demands of all users, from the casual CB User to the serious Amateur Enthusiast.

We care about our customers. That’s why we’re here to help with any enquiries. Call one of our experts today.
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